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Open Your Eyes and Enjoy Life as You Have Never Known It — In Focus and Hassle Free.

Are you tired of wearing glasses, contacts, or readers? We understand the struggle. Glasses get fogged up and slip down your face, making it difficult to enjoy an active lifestyle. Contacts are a pain to clean and take care of, and often lead to dryness, discomfort, or even total intolerance. Readers get lost when you need them the most.

You can change your visual fate — safely and effectively. Brusco Vision’s ability to correct your vision with advanced-technology lasers and lenses is truly remarkable.

Your Journey to Visual Freedom is Easy


Initial Exam

Meet us for your initial comprehensive evaluation and receive a custom recommendation.


Custom Procedure

We offer the full range of vision procedures, so you can be confident we will always recommend the procedure that is best for your unique eyes.


Clear Vision

Experience the independence of seeing clearly without glasses and contacts!

Find your perfect vision correction solution

Take the Vision Procedure Self-Test

See which LASIK or LASIK alternative procedure might best match your needs.

Did you know there are Six types of modern LASIK?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution in vision correction, nor should there be.

At Brusco Vision we help you choose the procedure that provides you with the best vision, the lowest risk, the most comfort, and gives you the most flexibility in the future. Brusco Vision thinks about you and your eyes not just today or next year but one or two decades from now.


No Glasses. No Contacts. No Comparison.

Our goal is simple: to wow you with incredible crisp vision, so you can go back to living … playing … exploring … without visual crutches.

You Use Your Eyes
Every Waking Moment.

According to studies by AAA and Statista, the average car costs over $31,000 and is kept about 6-8 years – with an additional annual cost of ownership of almost $10,000.  Most people only use their cars a short portion of each day.  LASIK, at only a fraction of this cost, is a bargain AND you use your eyes every waking moment. 

Supporting Your Journey
Towards Visual Freedom.

Is it fair that other people have naturally clear vision to experience life but … you rely on lenses affixed to your face?  It does not have to be that way starting … now.  Supporting you in your journey towards visual freedom is our mission: We do this safely and effectively by offering 6 different types of vision correction solutions to best suit your unique needs.


Custom Vision Correction
Treatment Procedures

Ages 18-54

Ages 18-49

Ages 18-54

Ages 18-54

Ages 18-54

Ages 18-49

DC Premium Vision Correction - BRUSCO VISION

Why We Are Different

We aren’t in the business of promoting a particular laser, procedure, or technology, but in the business of clear vision. We have the technical ability to best match your eyes with the most appropriate and effective procedure for your unique needs. We are committed to choosing the solution that provides you with the best vision, the lowest risk, most comfort, and that gives you the most flexibility in the future. Beware of surgeons or centers who only offer one or two vision correction surgeries, as they may become more resistant to change when the change is actually better for you.

Dr. Brusco’s path of expertise performing vision correction procedures in three different settings (academic medical center, military facility, and large corporate chain) has led him to uniquely understand what works and what doesn’t in delivering optimal visual outcomes.

Safe And effective

Is Vision Correction Surgery Safe?

Yes, overwhelmingly so. LASIK, along with its other modern variations, is arguably the most studied and analyzed procedure in modern medical history. Those results all point in the same direction – vision correction is safe, effective, and long-lasting. Don’t just take our word for it- The US military has also fully adopted LASIK vision correction. When push comes to shove, our armed forces, which has a vast repository of LASIK data, understand that glasses or contacts are ultimately a hindrance among its many service men and women. 


Michael Brusco, M.D. Medical Director of Brusco Vision

Michael A. Brusco, MD, FACS, is a highly experienced, board-certified refractive surgeon. Dr. Brusco has performed over 45,000 total vision correction surgeries including SBK LASIK, ASA PRK, CLR, ICL and refractive cataract surgery and focuses on leading the way with new technology.

My name is Dr. Gary Gydush and I had a one eye PRK procedure gone bad elsewhere, in 1995. The ablation was not centered and largely over-corrected … I had poor vision as a result. After many conversations with Dr. Michael Brusco, and a two-part procedure diagnosis, I have much more normal vision now and a usable eye. I am eternally grateful for his help and expertise, and would recommend him to any patient wanting refractive surgery. You won’t regret it.
Dr. Gary Gydush, OD
Optometrist, Lancaster, PA

What Sets Us Apart

Brusco Vision is not a paid consultant and does not accept any money from manufacturers or laser companies, so you will always get an unbiased and research-based opinion about what procedure (among the 6 variations of LASIK) is best for you.

Comfortable, Successful,
and Memorable

We are a local practice that specializes and excels in vision correction – it is our total and only concern – with no other distractions. That shapes our relentless focus on patients, outcomes, and attention to detail. Our goal is to do everything we can to make your visit comfortable, successful, and memorable. Aside from that, we love to do what we do because … quite simply … we believe in it.

Safe and Effective
Corrective Vision Surgery

The Brusco Vision team has fully embraced the safety and effectiveness of corrective vision surgery: Dr. Brusco personally had it done (ICL), his wife (SBK), his mother (SBK), his father (refractive cataract surgery), his brother (SBK), his uncle (CLR), and his mother-in-law (RK) all had a vision correction procedure done, as well. And they treasure their clear vision and their freedom to enjoy life on their terms … without glasses and contacts!

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