LASIK Affordability


What is Your Vision Worth?

When considering a vision correction procedure, choosing the right LASIK surgeon is the most important step. The marketplace can be confusing as multiple providers advertise a wide variety of prices. Costs do vary, but so can an individual’s overall experience and results – often in subtle but important ways. While it is easy to think of LASIK as a commodity or standard consumption item, it should not be treated as such – your vision is a priceless asset. The value of a procedure is derived from multiple sources: honesty, attention to detail, results, selection, service, and price. At Brusco Vision, you get a tremendous amount of value compared to what you spend. You can expect only the highest level of patient care from a surgeon committed to delivering exceptional outcomes.

I wish I had done it sooner...
The most common remark we hear from patients after surgery.

Is LASIK Expensive?

While a vision correction procedure does come with an upfront investment, when compared to the alternative of glasses and contact lenses, the cost for LASIK is very reasonable.

Do You Know How Much You’re Already Spending On Glasses
and Contacts?

Over a lifetime, that number adds up. To think of it in a different way — you get to own your vision with LASIK as opposed to renting it from the glasses and contacts industry. Additionally, studies have shown that the one-time experience of LASIK is safer than wearing contact lenses over the long term. So … LASIK is more cost-effective, safer, more convenient, and often gives you better vision than the alternative. Use our affordability calculator to see how much you are wasting by not getting LASIK.

Owning vs. Renting
Your Vision

The average person can spend $20,000 or more on glasses, bifocals, contact lenses, solution, eye exams, etc. Do you really want to rent your vision from the glasses and contacts lens industry? Worst of all, these are a pain and will never truly correct your vision. You can own your sight, instead, with a permanent solution and regain visual independence.

Vision Cost Calculator

What are you spending on glasses and contacts?

We’ve developed this customizable cost calculator so you can compare LASIK with the long-term expense of glasses and/or contacts. If the upfront cost still holds you back, don’t forget about our convenient financing plans.

Find out exactly how much your poor vision is costing you:

Select your age


Cost of annual vision exam


Annual cost of prescription eyeglasses (lenses plus frame)


Annual cost of contact lenses


Annual cost of contact lens solution

*See results below.
You could be potentially spending


on glasses and contacts over your lifetime.

We have factored in the average US lifespan of 79 years.

Procedure Pricing Integrity

At Brusco Vision, we have taken careful consideration to price our services fairly for the time that we put into each of our patients individually – honesty and integrity are part of who we are and the relationships we build.

Everyone Who Walks Through
Our Door is a VIP Guest

As such, we take a lot of pride in not running an assembly-line type of practice. Because of this personalized care along with the expertise and experience of Dr. Brusco, we do not negotiate our fees, or offer discounts and specials. Nor do we charge differently based on when you are treated or for some patients and not others. That just isn’t fair. If you do notice pricing differences in the marketplace, please remember that usually comes at a cost, in and of itself. While we hope that no business ever cuts corners, it does exist in virtually every profession.

All-Inclusive, Transparent, and Affordable Vision Correction

At Brusco Vision, our pricing is all-inclusive, transparent, and affordable – we do not have any surprises or hidden charges. Dr. Brusco and his first-rate staff are equipped with the experience and technology necessary to produce excellent outcomes for each patient.

LASIK Financing Options

Owning your vision makes perfect financial sense.

If LASIK Vision Correction is right for you, financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining the quality of care you desire and deserve. At Brusco Vision, our goal is to make vision correction procedures fit any budget. Patients can choose to pay with any of the following options.

Cash, Check, or Credit Card

  • $0 down, 0% interest deferred financing for 24 months
  • $0 down, low monthly payments with a fixed interest rate for 60 months
  • Flex Spending/Health Savings Account funds

Using FSA or HSA

Many employers sponsor Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts (FSA or HSA). Vision correction procedures such as LASIK are approved under most of these plans. Patients participating in either FSA or HSA plans through their workplace can set aside tax-free money for a vision correction procedure.

You can put up to $2,850 annually into an FSA. Check with your employer about your FSA or HSA for more information.

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