5 Things to Know about Vision Correction Surgery

At Brusco Vision one of our goals is to align our patients with the procedure that is most appropriate for them.  It’s this type of customization that makes us so successful and gives our patients the kind of results they expect.  You have only one set of eyes after all.  But we also aim to educate, and below are just some of the things about vision correction surgery you may not have known.

1) LASIK Doesn’t Hurt
One of the biggest fears people have about vision correction surgery is that it is scary, painful or uncomfortable.  That could not be further from the truth.  In fact, one of the most common things we hear besides “I should have done this sooner!” is “That wasn’t so bad!”  You’ll feel a bit of pressure on your eyes and it only lasts about 10 minutes in total.  It’s over before you even know it!  The post-op recovery period is just as easy with almost all patients seeing well enough to drive the following morning and return to work.

2. There are 6 Types of LASIK!
When most people think about vision correction, they just think of LASIK.  And for good reason – it is a highly precise technique that delivers exceptional outcomes and a rapid visual recovery, making it one of the most successful procedures in the medical field.  However, there are 5 other proven and time-tested vision correction procedures that are safe and effective.  Those include ICL, SMILE, ASA, CLR, and refractive cataract surgery.  One isn’t necessarily better than any other but for many patients one procedure does tend to be the most appropriate for them.  And up to 40-50% of the time it is one of the other 5 procedures!

3. LASIK is Safer than Contact Lenses.
Did you know that laser vision correction is safer than wearing contacts?  According to a study published in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, over the long term, you’re 4-5x more likely to develop a serious eye infection from wearing contact lenses than from the one time experience of LASIK.  Never worry about leaving your contacts in too long again with laser vision correction!

4. LASIK Allows for a Greater Sense of Freedom
It does so in different ways.  Many patients report that their contacts or glasses have inhibited their exercise routine, due to fear of losing their contacts during vigorous activity, glasses sliding down their noses once they start sweating, or having to squint to see while engaging in different sports. LASIK allows patients to get in shape without any of these fears coming to fruition. Women report being able to more easily apply mascara and eyeliner without glasses getting in
their way.  Imagine a day waking up to clear vision. No more reaching for your glasses and dropping everything on the floor. Forget about running to the store to grab a bottle of contact lens solution while on vacation. Vision correction surgery can help eliminate these struggles and provide you with more flexibility and freedom to live life how you want to.

5. LASIK is a More Cost-Effective Option
Many people are nervous about the cost of LASIK but what they don’t realize is that it actually saves you money over time.  Try and calculate how much you’d spend on contacts, contact solution, exam visits, and glasses over the course of your life!  You would be very surprised, and that does not even factor in the convenience of never having to worry about those things again.

If you’re interested in experiencing this for yourself, email us or set-up an initial consultation today!

Michael A. Brusco, MD, FACS, is the founder and medical director of Brusco Vision – the premier practice dedicated to changing lives through vision correction in Washington DC and the DMV. He is a board-certified and award-winning refractive surgery subspecialist who has successfully performed over 40,000 corneal-based vision correction procedures, such as high-definition all-laser LASIK and PRK. Dr. Brusco graduated with honors from Harvard College, was awarded the STAAR Top 100 International Surgeon honor multiple years, and is a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons, the American Medical Association, and the Refractive Surgery Alliance. He is a founding member of the World College of Refractive Surgery & Visual Sciences, an organization on a global scale. Most recently, Dr. Brusco personally was performing close to 1% of all LASIK procedures in the US annually.

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