Is LASIK Permanent?

We often get asked by patients considering the procedure, “Is LASIK permanent?” Understanding the long-term effects of LASIK is crucial for anyone considering this popular refractive surgery procedure. While LASIK offers significant improvements in vision for many patients, it’s essential to discuss the potential changes that can occur over time. In this article, we’ll explore […]

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What is refractive surgery?

At Brusco Vision, we specialize in advanced refractive procedures, utilizing the latest technology to ensure optimal results for our patients. Our experienced team is committed to providing personalized care, tailoring each treatment to the individual’s unique vision needs. To discover how refractive surgery can enhance your vision and quality of life, we invite you to

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LASIK Quality Assurance in D.C. Means a Safer Procedure for You

Brusco Vision, led by the expertise of Dr. Brusco, stands at the forefront of vision correction in the D.C. area. Brusco Vision is committed to patient-centered care. This approach, combined with the latest advancements in technology, makes Brusco Vision a leader in ensuring high-quality LASIK procedures. By choosing a practice that prioritizes cutting-edge methods and

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Does LASIK Hurt

Thinking about LASIK eye surgery can be a bit scary. We get it. You probably have many questions like “Will it hurt?” or “What will it feel like?” especially when considering a life-changing procedure like LASIK. Here at Brusco Vision, our mission is to help you see better while making sure the process is straightforward and that

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LASIK Safety and Future Procedures: The Benefits of LASIK in DC Part 5

The human eye, a marvel of biology, sometimes needs assistance. Historically, glasses and contact lenses were the primary solutions for refractive errors. Yet, as technology has evolved, so have our treatment options. LASIK eye surgery, a procedure under the broad umbrella of refractive surgery, stands at the forefront. At Brusco Vision, we pledge our commitment

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