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Great news! Based on your answers regarding glasses, contacts, readers, astigmatism, quality of night vision, and your age 18-45, here are the top modern vision correction procedures you will likely benefit from:

  1. LASIK – Brusco Vision uses state of the art lasers to achieve an amazing visual outcome with a rapid recovery.
  2. EVO ICL – Implantable contact lenses.  This technology can be placed in your eye for life, however, it can also be removed or updated to meet changing visual needs.
  3. PRK – Same amazing results as LASIK only with a slightly longer recovery time.  Some patients who are not good candidates for LASIK are good candidates for PRK

To be sure, we would need to see you in person for an Advanced Necessary Ocular and Vision Analysis (ANOVA). Before you go, please use the form below to reserve your ANOVA appointment below – it only takes a minute!

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